Sports Medicine

From professional and college athletics to grade school kids, active seniors, and weekend warriors, the orthopaedic sports medicine specialists at Blue Ridge Bone & Joint focus on the unique needs of athletes. In addition to our walk-in sports medicine clinic, our Sports Medicine department includes highly-trained physicians and therapists working in partnership with area athletic trainers and Mission Sports Medicine. We evaluate problems and address performance issues, injury prevention, and nutrition counseling. When injury does take place, we utilize every means possible to maintain an athlete’s fitness and health during recovery so you can return to the sport you love.


BRBJ Important Notice

Hydrocodone-Combination Medications



Because of new Federal Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, Blue Ridge Bone and Joint (BRBJ) staff and physicians will no longer be allowed to phone in hydrocodone-combination medications. While not a complete list, the more familiar medications included in the new FDA changes are:

  • Hydrocodone - any combination
  • Norco
  • Vicodin

Pharmacists will no longer be permitted to contact physicians for refills for these medications. Patients will be required to present a prescription to the pharmacist for these medications.

Patients must request these prescription refills from BRBJ before 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday (excludes holidays). BRBJ staff will require a signature from whoever is picking up the prescription.