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What is Dry Needling?

 |  Physical Therapy

Through the years, many of us have developed poor habits in regard to posture and body mechanics with resultant abnormal movement patterns. Others have developed abnormal movement patterns from injury, disease, or surgery. From these aberrant patterns, muscles tighten up and movement becomes painful. The muscle even becomes tender to...

9 Tips for Safe Running

 |  Sports Injuries

Running is a sport and a great way to exercise. However estimates are that up to 8,000 people per year had injuries caused by exercise and running requiring emergency room treatment in the United States. There are some precautions runners can take that can make their running experiences safe and healthy. ...


Dr. Mangone Featured in Citizen-Times Article

 |  Medical Procedures, News & Announcements

On April 21st Dr. Mangone was featured in a Citizen-Times article titled New ankle surgery offers WNC patients another option.The article showcases the benefits of minimally invasive arthroscopic ankle...

Dr. Groh Asked to Publish a Commentary and Perspective for the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery

 |  Medical Industry

Dr. Groh has been asked by the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (jbjs.org) to author a companion article to a scientific paper regarding...