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In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

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Average Patient Rating

Average Rating: 5
(166 reviews)
“Dr Cammarata has always provided me with excellent care. He takes the time to explain things thoroughly and answers my questions. He has done an awesome job on my surgery, my scars look better than I expected. While I am still recovering, I feel confident that I will have the full use of my arm after I go through therapy.”
– Ana L.
Treating Doctor: Angelo C. Cammarata, M.D.
“Oh my very very goodness. I had the best experience with Dr. Karageannes, and am in awe if him now. I feel so fortunate that Dr. Plauche here in Highlands recommended him, and cannot believe that he was my surgeon. He is a hero in my eyes. It's a simple as that. And my entire experience is behind me , and I am glad for it, although both hips at the same time was hard. Good thing because it would have taken me a long time to do it again. Wow, what a grand doctor. I wish that everyone could be so fortunate.”
– Sally C.
Treating Doctor: James C. Karegeannes, M.D.
“Dr. Hankley is a very good doctor who is very familiar with the human body. I highly recommend him.”
– Carol S.
Treating Doctor: Daniel W. Hankley, M.D.
“I loved the treatment at Blue Ridge. I have recommended my care and Dr. Karegeannes to 2 friends and both have scheduled appointments with him. Having been a surgical nurse, I was afraid to have my total knees done. I was home in a day and a half and am now walking and doing anything I choose. I could not be happier.”
– Vicki L.
Treating Doctor: James C. Karegeannes, M.D.
“We had a great experience with Dr. Burnworth. He was very helpful and friendly. He explained everything to us so we understood.”
– Kristy W.
Treating Doctor: Craig M. Burnworth, M.D.
“Dr Hicks very helpful about my problem.”
– Alan E.
Treating Doctor: John M. Hicks, M.D.
“My total knee replacement was at last year. Extremely smooth and pretty much painless procedure. I was up walking within hours, again with minimum pain. The total procedure was explained to me in detail, and what I would probably experience over my recovery period. Seems Dr. Saenger knows his "stuff," because everything went as I was advised it would. I am doing everything I could do prior to the operation. IF (really when) I need the other knee to be operated on, Dr. Saenger will be the one to do it, if he is available. I tout his expertise every time I am asked about who did the operation. I'm sure the other physicians are excellent, but I like the idea of having the same Dr. who did such an outstanding job on my knee.”
– James D.
Treating Doctor: Paul L. Saenger, M.D.
“Everything went perfectly! Could not have asked for anything more. The hospital and each person I saw there was very pleasant and helpful. Every detail ran like a "well oiled machine!" My family was quite impressed as well. Dr Lilly is a wonderful Dr and person. Great experience.”
– Dolores S.
Treating Doctor: Edward G. Lilly III, M.D.
“Dr. Hedrick and his office staff were awesome!! Very supportive, friendly, yet professional. I would recommend Dr. Hedrick to anyone who needs surgery on their ankle. I had just about given up hope of ever walking without pain when Dr. Hedrick told me about total ankle replacement surgery. I am already walking so much better and with a lot less pain. Thank you Dr. Hedrick!”
– Naomi C.
Treating Doctor: Mark R. Hedrick, M.D.
“Dr. Hankley is very sweet and kind.”
– Teresa M.
Treating Doctor: Daniel W. Hankley, M.D.