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2/7/12 -- Dr. Jorge Acevedo (West Palm Beach, FL) and Dr. Peter Mangone (Asheville, NC) presented their results for their first 24 patients with arthroscopic lateral ankle ligament reconstruction at the 2012 AAOS Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA. The study presented results for patients who underwent the ArthroBrostrom procedure between 2007 and 2010. The average follow-up for the patients was 16.5 months and all patients showed improved with their instability symptoms, their instability exam, and they were improved in terms of ankle function. This study provides further evidence that this procedure, pioneered in the United States by both Dr. Mangone and Dr.Acevedo, can provide significant improvement in ankle instability with smaller incisions than normal techniques. Additionally, both surgeons have been able to decrease their operative time for the procedure as they continue to improve their arthroscopic technique. More information can be found about Dr. Mangone at

Peter G. Mangone, M.D.

Dr. Mangone is a fellowship trained orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon specializing in foot and ankle condition, and sports injuries.