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Dr. Peter Mangone is being recognized as a thought leader and a pioneer in arthroscopic ankle surgery with the acceptance of a manuscript he co-authored entitled "Arthroscopic Lateral Ankle Ligament Reconstruction" for publication later this year in Techniques in Foot and Ankle Surgery.  As a fellowship trained orthopaedic specialist in foot and ankle surgery, Dr. Mangone began looking into performing this surgery as far back as 2007.  He had a keen interest in developing new techniques for lateral ankle ligament reconstruction with a primary focus on minimally invasive procedures through the arthroscope.   Dr. Mangone recalls, "At first I was met with skepticism when I would casually mention this to my colleagues at a meeting.  At that time, no one in the United States was performing this procedure to my knowledge. Despite this, I knew there had been great advancements in arthroscopic techniques for instability over the last twenty years in other joints such as the shoulder and the knee, and I felt it was time to start bringing those concepts to the world of foot and ankle surgery."  Dr. Mangone is excited to announce he has teamed up with Dr. Jorge Acevedo of West Palm Beach, Florida, to further develop this technique.  They plan to begin hands on teaching of this advanced arthroscopic technique to other surgeons from both the United States and the international community later this year.

Peter G. Mangone, M.D.

Dr. Mangone is a fellowship trained orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon specializing in foot and ankle condition, and sports injuries.