Avoiding Athletics Training Injuries

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Hello Athletes! As we enter the late summer season, many of you are working towards a new training goal or planning on doing a fall athletic event. The roads are busy with runners and cyclist logging in their miles. As we train harder, obstacles may arise such as a new or familiar pain, or a traumatic injury.

I know this because we are seeing an increase in injuries at our Same Day Clinic at Blue Ridge Bone and Joint. Here are some of the most common questions I hear in my clinic. “Should I cut back or stop my running?” or “When can I train through the pain?” Overuse injuries are common, especially as adult sporting events are on the rise. Here are some basic rules that can help you avoid a much longer layoff or a more severe injury.

If you are having only a mild pain for only a few days, then you can probably just decrease your training volume and the pain will likely improve. Also you could use simple over the counter analgesics, anti-inflammatories and ice and proceed with caution as the pain subsides.

On the other hand,  I would recommend a medical evaluation if a pain lasts for a more than a few weeks or it is increasing despite conservative treatment. If you are having pain at night or at rest, then that may be an indicator of  stress fracture. Then I would highly recommend a medical evaluation.

If you are beginning a training program I would recommend starting at an easy pace, gradually increasing your workload and include a warm-up with gentle stretching. If you follow those rules most injuries can be avoided with a reasonable training program. If not we are glad to assist you at Blue Ridge Bone and Joint and help you return to Full Motion Living. 

Good Luck with your goals!