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Because of the nature of the condition, ankle instability is most common among athletes, particularly in football, basketball, and soccer, as these sports require constant cutting and pivoting.

Signs of ankle instability include:

  • Involuntary inward or outward turning of the foot when walking on uneven surfaces or engaging in sports or other activities
  • Chronic swelling or discomfort in and around the ankle joint
  • Tenderness or chronic pain in and around the ankle joint
  • Unstable feeling in the ankle or inability to keep weight on the ankle

Oftentimes, ankle instability can be treated using nonsurgical methods, including activity modification, anti-inflammatory medication, and physical therapy. However, surgery may be necessary to repair torn or stretched ligaments within your joint so that they can better hold your joint in place.

If advanced care is necessary to correct ongoing joint instability of the ankle, an experienced ankle surgeon will be able to perform a minimally invasive ankle arthroscopy procedure. On occasion, patients may require an open surgery or an additional procedure to repair the ligaments if damage is more severe.

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