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The ASTYM System is an advanced form of soft tissue mobilization, which enables clinicians to effectively initiate remodeling and regeneration of dysfunctional tissue. ASTYM is an evidence based rehabilitation process designed to effectively treat chronic tendon disorders, scar tissue and fibrosis. These problems may have developed from trauma, surgery or overuse. The system is effective for new injuries as well as chronic nagging conditions.

ASTYM treatment is performed with ergonomically designed instruments to allow rapid identification and effective treatment of areas which exhibit texture changes associated with soft tissue scar/fibrosis or chronic tendonopathy. As the body heals, exercise and activity help guide the healing which allows you to return to activities without pain or limitation. Continuation of work, athletic, and recreational activities throughout the treatment process is encouraged.

Diagnoses that respond well to the ASTYM treatment include trigger finger, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis/golfers elbow, wrist sprains, rotator cuff tendonopathy, plantar faciitis, Achilles tendonitis, Chronic ankle sprains, IT band syndrome, hamstring strains, hip pain, trochanteric bursitis, SI pain, post sugical scarring, and most forms of chronic tendonopathies. Often individuals who have been treated for these conditions in the past and did not respond to treatment get relief from their symptoms with ASTYM.

In order to perform ASTYM, clinicians must complete a certification course which teaches them how to deal with problems in all areas of the body. Once the course is completed, providers become certified ASTYM members and part of their provider network. Blue Ridge Physical Therapy is one of the only physical therapy providers in the region to have clinicians who are certified in the ASTYM system.

For more information regarding ASTYM treatment visit, or to schedule an appointment with one of our certified ASTYM providers call the physical therapy center at 828-281-7171 (Asheville) or 828-698-0017 (Hendersonville).