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Cubital Tunnel syndrome (ulnar nerve entrapment in the elbow) is the second-most common compressive neuropathy of the upper extremity. Symptoms usually consist of a sensation that the small and ring fingers are asleep and are sometimes associated with discomfort in the elbow. In the late stages, atrophy of the intrinsic muscles of the hand may be present (usually most noticeable in the first dorsal interosseous muscle in the first web space.) Treatment in the early stages may consist of activity modification (avoidance of prolonged periods of elbow flexion) but if symptoms persist and are prevalent for much of the day then surgery may be recommended to decompress the nerve and minimize the risk of permanent nerve damage. Surgery may consist of simply opening the cubital tunnel or transposing the nerve to the anterior aspect of the elbow. Again, light use of the arm and hand are usually allowed immediately after surgery.