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Ganglions are the most common "lumps" in the hand and wrist. They are fluid-filled synovial cysts generally emanating from a joint or tendon sheath. The most common locations are the dorsum of the wrist ("dorsal carpal ganglion"), the dorsum of the DIP joint ("mucous cyst" — typically associated with an underlying bone spur and frequently producing a longitudinal groove in the nail) and the volar radial side of the wrist ( carpal ganglion".) However they can occur at virtually any joint or tendon sheath. Although they are generally harmless, they can at times be uncomfortable or obtrusive. Splinting and antiinflammatory medication may help with symptoms. Aspiration can diminish the size of the cyst but recurrence is very frequent and often rapid. Surgical excision yields the best results and is generally best done in the operating room so that a portion of the joint capsule/tendon sheath and/or the associated bone spur can be removed along with the cyst to minimize the risk of recurrence (and in the case of volar carpal ganglions, minimize the risk of injury to the radial artery.)