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Hand therapy is defined as the art and science of rehabilitation of upper limb dysfunction. This is defined as disorders of the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder girdle. Hand therapists are expert in the application of physical medicine principles employing theory and techniques from both Physical and Occupational disciplines. Hand Therapy assists the patient in regaining function and enhancing the individual's ability to fully participate in the demands of daily life, employment and leisure activities.

Hand Therapy at EmergeOrtho: Blue Ridge Division is provided by Paul J Bonzani OTR/L CHT. Mr. Bonzani has been a certified hand therapist for 20 years and has previously been director of the hand therapy services at Duke University Medical Center and the University of Vermont Fletcher Allen Medical Center. He has recently published textbook chapters on nerve and tendon rehabilitation and has a strong interest is the management of upper extremity tendonopathies and is an ASTYM certified provider. Mr. Bonzani presents nationally on a variety of rehabilitation topics including orthopedic injuries of the elbow, wrist and hand, nerve and tendon injuries.

Hand Therapy appointments can be made through the EmergeOrtho: Blue Ridge Division Monday-Friday through the Physical Therapy Center.