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Meniscal repair is usually performed in conjunction with anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, but occasionally is performed as an isolated procedure. Specific to meniscal repair is the need to use postoperative bracing. Weight bearing is allowed only in extension (with the leg fully straight). The brace may be removed for sleep, showers, and range of motion exercises. Bending the leg while in the seated position is encouraged. This restriction will continue for about six weeks after surgery.

Remember not to walk without the brace. Crutches may be needed for this period and are recommended. This surgery is done using minimally invasive techniques. There will be two or more small incisions that will be closed with sutures or staples. Some are closed with sutures under the skin and these do not need to be removed and will dissolve with time. Wounds should remain clean and dry. Change dressings if they become saturated with blood. No dressing is required after day three unless this is more comfortable for you. Replace ace wrap and remember to start with the foot. If the foot is not wrapped with the ace it will definitely swell. Sutures will be removed at your first post operative visit.

Showers can be taken on the third day after surgery. Please do not take a bath or swim until sutures are removed or you are seen in the office. Swelling and discoloration are common. Redness outside of the suture line and drainage occurring longer than three days post operatively should be brought to my attention immediately. Please call the office if you have questions or concerns.

Pain medicines will be prescribed for you during this postoperative period. Narcotics are used for the first ten days if needed. Please direct all medication needs to me during office hours or during our first post op visit. Some medicines cannot be "called in" to the pharmacy and require a prescription from me to be filled by your pharmacist.

Physical therapy is not usually required following this procedure. An assessment of your motion will be done on your first postoperative visit. If needed, physical therapy will be ordered.

Operative photographs are routinely taken during this procedure. Please be sure we give them to you at the hospital and please be sure to keep them, along with the operative notes you will receive at your first postoperative visit.