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9 Tips for Safe Running

Running is a sport and a great way to exercise. However estimates are that up to 8,000 people per year had injuries caused by exercise and running requiring emergency room treatment in the United States. There are some precautions runners can take that can make their running experiences safe and healthy.

Visibility: When running on the street or sidewalk wear white or bright colored clothes. In the early AM, night, or dusk wear reflective clothing/gear. Consider wearing a headlamp and rear flashing light.

Confusion About Concussions

It is hard to miss the attention the media has given regarding concussions in the last 2 years. Just recently the NFL made a settlement for $765 million dollars due to a lawsuit with more than 4,500 former NFL players or their representatives. Millions have been pledged for research, education and prevention.

Not everyone understands just what a concussion is. Concussions can cause problems with thinking, remembering, physical and emotional symptoms or sleep disturbance.

Female Athletes and ACL

One of the biggest concerns with sports participation, especially in women, is a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament or ACL. Female athletes have 3-6 times increased risk of tearing the ACL compared to males. Most of these injuries are more common with “cutting sports” such as soccer or basketball. Women have a narrow notch to the femur that houses a smaller ACL. They also have a “knock-kneed” alignment of the legs due to a wider pelvis.

BRBJ Sports Medicine

Blue Ridge Bone & Joint is uniquely qualified to care for patients in the area of Orthopedic Sports Medicine and Primary Care Sports Medicine. Our three fellowship trained physicians — Jay Jansen, MD, Michael Shea, MD, Craig Burnworth, MD, and Robert Boykin, MD — specialize in the care of all athletes from elementary school to college athletes, weekend warriors toseniors. These doctors are currently the team physicians for several local universities and colleges, including UNCA, Mars Hill, Montreat College and Warren Wilson College. Multiplelocal high schools and youth and adult sports organizations are also covered year-round. Currently and throughout their...