Foot & Ankle

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Driving, walking, or working, you take 5,000-10,000 steps every day. No wonder foot and ankle issues are so disabling! Today, there is more hope than ever for foot and ankle problems. In fact, some of the most significant medical advancements in the last decade have transpired in this area of orthopaedics. However, your surgeon’s level of expertise is of utmost importance. Blue Ridge Bone & Joint has the only practicing Foot and Ankle orthopaedic specialists in Western North Carolina, with three fellowship-trained surgeons implementing the vast improvements in Foot and Ankle medicine. BRBJ one of the busiest total ankle replacement centers in the Southeast!

Our physicians treat foot and ankle problems ranging from sports medicine injuries to advanced reconstruction of joints affected by deformity and arthritis. We have performed largest number of total ankle replacements in Western North Carolina over the last ten years. Orthopedic foot and ankle surgeons on staff have been on the forefront of developing minimally invasive techniques (including arthroscopic procedures) with the goals of performing the smallest incision possible, reducing pain, shortening recovery time and minimizing scarring.

For each patient, physicians perform a history and physical examination, and order any necessary testing to determine the origin of the problem. Treatment options are developed and discussed with patients, who are actively involved in the decisionmaking process. This discussion may include a wide range of non-operative treatments including, but not limited to, physical therapy, orthotics, casting or injections. Finally, the patient and his or her physician implement a comprehensive treatment plan with the goals of decreasing pain, decreasing deformity, and improving patient function.