Physical Therapy

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Blue Ridge Bone & Joint Physical Therapy Department is a team of physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, occupational therapists, and physical therapy aids who work closely with the physicians to treat patients following an injury or surgery. The therapists at BRBJ are licensed health care professionals who participate in frequent educational courses to improve their skills and provide their patients with the highest quality of care.

  Physical therapy treatment is designed to restore range of motion, flexibility, strength and the ability to perform functional and recreational activities. At the first visit to therapy, the therapist will perform an evaluation to identify current and potential problems or limitations a patient may have. Based on the results of this examination and the goals of the individual, the therapist will create a plan of care designed to optimize outcomes from therapy and get the patient functioning at the highest level possible. Physical therapy treatment may include manual therapy such as soft tissue release or joint mobilizations, modalities to help relieve pain such as ultrasound or electrical stimulation, and an exercise program designed to address strength, flexibility, and range of motions deficits. Based on the needs of the patient, they may attend therapy several times a week.

  The physical therapy department at Blue Ridge Bone & Joint is available to provide a variety of specialty services to patients. They include custom made splints, Biodex strength evaluations, postural analysis, injury prevention programs, and a work conditioning program designed to successfully return injured workers to their previous jobs.


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