I landed in Dr. Boykin’s exam room a couple of years ago and have kept him and his team busy ever since with injuries new and old. He is a true sports medicine doctor for someone like me: the patient does amateur sports and pushes himself, he does effective professional medicine, and it works!

I’ve known many orthopedic surgeons over the years as a patient, friend or through my work.  Dr. Boykin is among the best I’ve ever known at carefully evaluating the problem, spending time explaining diagnoses and treatment options and focusing on the goal: active living.  I’ve avoided any new surgeries so far, but if I do need it I know the decision will be solid, based on evidence and collaboration to get me back on the cliff, bike and trail.  Big props go to Dr. B and his team for everything they do.

David E.

I greatly appreciated the exceptional care that you gave me as one of your patients. Over the past 7 years I have had Physical Therapy four different times at three different providers. The care I got from Blue Ridge PT in Hendersonville was the greatest experience ever.

Tom J.

 My knees are wonderful! They changed my life.

Kim F.

Dr. Lilly, it is so nice to be walking without pain.

Melissa C.

Thank you Dr. (Edward) Lilly for giving me my life back.

Deborah M.

The walk-in clinic at BRBJ is fantastic. I expected great medical care, but was amazed by the over-the-top level of service, and the limited time I waited despite having no appointment. For excellent care, and more importantly excellent service, I recommend BRBJ

M. Powell

"Today is the first day I have started my day without pain in my shoulder!"

Larry W.

My neck surgery was a complete success.  I would recommend Dr Hicks to anyone.

Susan M.

It was the best decision I've made. Dr. (Tally) Eddings took really good care of me. Dreaded the idea of possibly having to have surgery. If I need to have my other knee done, Dr. Eddings will be the one to do it.

Judy C.

Absolutely unbelievable. Another doctor told me I was too old to have anything done (for his shoulder). I called Dr. (Angelo) Cammarata based on a recommendation I got from someone at church. I'm back in the woodshop and plan to play golf this spring. I had zero pain. I'm absolutely thrilled.

Allan B.

I want to thank Dr. (Tally) Eddings and everyone involved in my surgery. My goal was to be able to hike again. My wife and I just returned from a trip out west hiking for a week straight. The modern technology and Dr. Edding's surgical skills have given me a new lease on life.

Bob R.

I find Dr.(Tally) Eddings to be extremely intelligent and also tremendously communicative. He removed my fears (of the bilateral knee surgery he did) by giving me specific directions as to what he would do. He helped me through a very significant event.

Susan N.

I've had excellent care. Dr. (Paul) Saenger did a good job on my knee. The follow up care has been very good.

Albert J.

I made the right choice to go with Dr. (Mark) Hedrick. He was very professional. I felt very well informed. I also felt safe when he first came to see me in the emergency room.

Chris D.

I have nothing but the highest praise. Dr. (Peter) Mangone was most positive with (me) an old, 70+ years, with a torn Achilles tendon. You've got quite a team there -- the physician assistant, the front office staff and other assistants were all very professional, very, very, very good. Physical therapy and the therapist were great, as well.

Douglas C.

You have the most excellent staff. My entire experience with Dr. (Jay) Jansen and the Blue Ridge staff was wonderful -- from the ladies at the front desk, to triage to Dr. Jansen's assistant.

Richard L.

I have thrown away the brace I have worn for the past 10 years. Dr. (Peter) Mangone, the surgery you performed to replace my ankle has given me a new freedom of mobility along with the opportunity to enjoy the many life pleasures I had been denied.

Ed A.

I am thankful for Dr. (Jim) Karegeannes' skills. He did an excellent job on my hip and knee replacement over the past several months. I hold the (Blue Ridge Bone & Joint) physicians, physical therapists and staff in the highest regard. I cannot speak highly enough about their professionalism and personal attention to my progress.

Tom N.

I was afraid to get another carpal tunnel release done. Dr. (Angelo) Cammarata, who is a very kind, professional and gentle physician, changed that. He did a marvelous job, explained everything very well; didn't rush. 'Surgery' was like not having anything done. He also helped me with my trigger finger.

Lila N.

I just wanted to let you, Dr. (Mark) Hedrick, know that Thursday was a joyous day for us -- our wedding anniversary and my spouse's healing of plantar fasciitis. We went on a 1 1/2 mile hike yesterday. We so appreciate your personal interest as well as your professional excellence.

Ben A.